Spoiling My #Corgi #Dog with a Trip to #Carmel. The Happiest Dog Smile Ever! Gatsby the Corgi is a lucky dog. We go on a Corgi Swing, Treasure Hunt, Dog Beach, Meeting Horses for the First Time, Dinner, and a Sunset Hike: Our Corgi-moon!

Features of this Episode:

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– YouTube sending us on an all-expense-paid trip to Carmel
– Gatsby the Corgi
– Corgi Riding in the Car
– Driving to Carmel, California
– Corgi Dog Walks through Carmel
– Visiting Diggidy Dog Boutique Store
– Visiting Carmel Dog Beach
– Catching Pokemon at the Beach
– Corgi Running on the Beach
– Corgi Smile
– Carmel Valley Ranch (checking into the Hotel)
– Menu for Dogs at Restaurant
– Hotel Room Tour
– Dog Tree Swing with Corgi
– Dog in Vineyard
– Dog in Lavender Garden
– Talking on the Youtube Conference Panel
– My Inspiration
– Sunset Hike
– Corgi Meets Horses for the First Time
– Playing Hey Soul Sister on the Ukulele to Dog
– Grabbing Steak Dinner at Hotel
– Lavender Pillow Spray
– Going to bed at Hotel
– Corgi Dog Bath