I spend some extra time on my saltwater biocube nano reef aquarium today! I also do a part 2 Oreo challenge with my friend ShawnSecrets.

Features of this Episode:

– Gatsby the Corgi Dog & Amiibos
– Biocube Nano Reef Aquarium Update
– Saltwater Water Change and Aquarium Maintenance Q&A
– Biocube 14 Gallon, Bryopsis Problems, Aquarium Tour
– Clownfish (false percs), Rose Bubble Tip Anemone, Rock Flower Anemone, Zoanthids, Cabbage Leather Coral
– Getting new fish for the aquarium?
– Golds Gym Workout in Omar Isuf Raskol Apparel tank
– Going to the Local Aquarium Reef Store
– Nulo Dog Food
– Getting food delivered by Munchery
– Adding Clove Polyps into my Aquarium
– Corgi Vs Golden Retriever
– DinoVite Dog Supplement (to reduce allergies)
– Trying TimTam
– Opening Golden Mario Amiibo
– My Amiibo Collection (with stands from The Container Store)
– Haircut (faded disconnected undercut/fauxhawk)
– Grocery Shopping at Target with Shawnsecrets (buying $50 in groceries)
– Aquarium At Night
Oreo Challenge Part 2 with ShawnSecrets

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