Gatsby the #Corgi #Dog mysteriously refuses to play. I take him to the vet to see what happened! ALSO: Nursing My Dog Back to Health, Corgi Reacts to Fidget Spinner, Making a comfortable Dog Bed, cooking Mapo Tofu, Checking out Nintendo’s Uniqlo T-shirts, and Making Saltwater for My Aquarium.

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– Something’s Wrong with Gatsby
– Taking Gatsby to the vet
– Corgi’s Injured Back
– Name the Ukulele Song (Die With You)
– Bodybuilding Workout in Strong Lift Wear
– Making Saltwater for my Red Sea Max Reef Aquarium: Bubble Coral, RODI Unit, Reef Crystals, Monti Cap coral
– Asian Market Grocery Haul
– Mapo/Mabo Tofu using Firm Tofu, Mapo Tofu Mix, and Ground Pork
– Corgi Feels Better after Using Ice Pack on HIs Back
– Playing with Chinese Food Container
– Making a Nice Dog Bed for Gatsby
– Evolving Ampharos on Pokemon Go
– Scanning Amiibos on My Switch
– Uniqlo Nintendo T-shirts
– Taking Gatsby the Corgi out for a Walk
– Switching Gatsby’s Dog Food to Raw!
– Grabbing Sushi with My Buddy
– Gatsby Reacts to Fidget Spinner for the first time
– Playing Pictionary on Wii U with Forrest Green ( and ShawnSecrets (

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