Gatsby the Corgi gets Totally Spoiled with Orijen Dog Food, BarkBox & I get an Apple Watch (which I try out and review)! In addition to all this, I try out a new recipe for dinner.

Features of this Episode:

– Corgi Sploot
– Unboxing an Apple Watch Sport (white 38mm)
– Explaining the Apple Watch
– Golds Gym Workout (in strong lift wear)
– Testing Out My Apple Watch at the Gym Weightlifting
– Gatsby’s Dog Food: Orijen Dog Food
– Cleaning the Apartment & Amiibo Stands
– Gatsby got a BarkBox!
– Gatsby’s Link for a Free Month at BarkBox
– Unboxing Gatsby’s BarkBox (new toys and treats)
– Cooking Buckeye Beans & Herbs Chicken Thyme Soup (Carving a whole chicken – keeping bone in, onions, Barley, 10 cups of water, and thyme seasoning packet)
– 3 Dogs Play Tug of War
– Feeding Dog Orijen Dog Food
– Siri is angry being asked “What is 0 divided by 0”
– Reviewing The Apple Watch

The Smaller #applewatch makes my arm look bigger. #priorities

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