I make my Oscar Movie predictions (after having seen ALL best picture nominees) and go on Amiibo Hunts for Rare Amiibos!

Features of this Episode:

– Gatsby the Corgi wearing the cone of shame (comfy Cone)
– Funny Cone
– Got Pit and Little Mac Amiibos! SUPER RARE (traded on Craigslist)
– At Best Buy checking the amiibos with ShawnSecrets
– Amiibo Carrying Case
– Meta Knight Amiibo
– Corgi Puppy Eating a bully stick with a cone on
– Pituvision The Amiibo Hunter
– Preordered Ike Amiibo off Target.com
– Kale Dinner
– Feeling sick
– Got a delivery of Fox Amiibo in the mail
– Unboxing Fox
– My Predictions and Reviews for All Movies Nominated for the Oscars 2015 (Boyhood, Whiplash, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, Birdman, Selma, American Sniper, The Theory of Everything)
– Showing how Amiibos work on Super Smash Bros for Wii U