Grocery shopping after college is a whole new ballgame. You’re not limited to eating Top Ramen noodles like you were during college! You have more money, and can be pickier about the foods you buy, the staples you eat, and the stores where you shop. It’s a definite upgrade! In addition, your time is more limited, so it’s common to fall into the routine of only grocery shopping once per week and planning ahead for your weekly meals.

Shopping for Groceries at Costco

I get several of my weekly (or bi-weekly) supplies at Costco. Buying in bulk is usually cheaper, and the products are high-quality. Not to mention the free samples! The downside to Costco is that you have to pay the yearly membership fee, but I added my account onto my family’s plan and only had to pay $40 for the rest of the year in early May. Beware, though, you may fall into the trap of overspending there and/or not being able to eat/use everything that you buy, since it’s in bulk!

This trip I spent around $115 for the following supplies.

Breakfast Foods

Special K Vanilla Almond Cereal

Special K Vanilla Almond Cereal

This cereal is pretty light and delicious. Pop in a banana, cover with milk, and you’re all set for breakfast!

Price: $7.39


Bunch of Bananas

A great addition to cereal for breakfast and PBJs for lunch!

Price: $1.39

Light & Fit Greek Yogurt

Light & Fit Greek Yogurt

This is my favorite Greek Yogurt brand! They are thick and creamy, but also light on calories and high in protein. The two flavors included taste much better than plain Greek Yogurt, in my opinion.

Price: $9.79



Mangoes are delicious during the summer! They are a bit more difficult to eat, but the taste is worth it!

Price: $6.99



Lunch Foods

Packaged Salads

Packaged Salads

These are my new lunches! It’s so convenient to just put one in a bag to bring to work. And the fork is included, too! They save time and are healthier than a PBJ, and at a good price point.

Price: $4.89 each


Snack Foods

Mission Tortilla Chips and Salsa

Chips & Salsa

This salsa has become a staple since I feel so healthy eating it! It’s made up of a trio of roasted peppers, with tomatoes and authentic spices. I am very picky with my salsas, but this one is delicious!

Price: Chips $4.89, Salsa $5.39

Trail Mixes

Trail Mixes

These are delicious and a good choice for a healthier sweet snack. A good thing to munch on during rush hour traffic!

Price: Greek Yogurt Blend $10.99, Cashew Cluster $9.99

Lake Country Cheese

Lake Country Cheese

I don’t usually like specialty cheeses, but this one caught my tastebuds after trying a free sample. Pair it with crackers for a quick and hearty snack!

Price: $7.71

Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed Snacks

These are a low calorie way to satisfy a craving for something salty. Not for everyone, but I think they are delicious!

Price: $6.99


Dinner Foods

Costco Curry


I love Indian food, but rarely want to spend the extra money to go out. This provides an option for home that can last as dinner for 3 days!

Price: $10.99

Costco Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Vegetables

This is a big bag of vegetables, but everyone needs their fruits and veggies! Since raw vegetables tend to go bad too quickly in my fridge, I tend to buy frozen.

Price: $4.39



Diet Dr. Pepper

Diet Dr. Pepper Case

I love Diet Dr. Pepper, and I pack one in my lunch every day for an afternoon caffeine boost at work.

Price: $7.99

Costco Crystal Light

Crystal light Individual Drink Mixes

This package includes several flavors, including a lightly caffeinated version! They are easy to make and a good way to balance the drinking of coffee at work.

Price: $7.79

Grocery Shopping at Costco

As you can see, it takes a bit of planning and commitment to shop at Costco. You have to know what you like to eat and make sure you can finish it before it goes bad. Some people like a lot of variety in their diet, and some people subsist on the same 10 foods each and every day. If you are the former, you might want to be more selective with the things you buy at Costco. Regardless, there are always new samples to try in-store. Just make sure you stick to your shopping list or you’ll end up spending much more than planned! Happy shopping!

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