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Check out real college grad grocery food shopping haul galleries. Take a closer look into the types of groceries and products real college grads purchase. With this knowledge, you can discover something new!

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Grocery shopping after college is a whole new ballgame. You’re not limited to eating Top Ramen noodles like you were during college! You have more money, and can be pickier about the foods you buy, the staples you eat, and the stores where you shop. It’s a definite upgrade! In addition, your time is more limited, so it’s common to fall into the routine of only grocery shopping once per week and planning ahead for your weekly meals.


New York is a culinary dream, especially for a home cook. I know of at least 3 green markets, 2 quality grocery stores (Trader Joes and Union Market), and 1 supermarket (MetFood) within just a few blocks of my apartment. Additionally, my office is right next to Union Square which boasts a huge farmer's market. So when I can, I pick up the freshest foods I can find at smaller, specialty stores so I know I'm always getting the best product and supporting local businesses.