Life After College: Field Engineering

Chris is a AmeriCorps Horticultural Conservation Research Assistant/Intern in Hilo, Hawaii. Chris's job requires him to wear many hats including field work, office work, and educational sessions for natural resource conservation. This profession is not for everyone, but Chris shows a real passion for what he does.


David is a Fracker in North Dakota. Fracking is the process of fracturing rock by a pressurized liquid. The life of a fracker may not be for everyone (long hours and consecutive work days away from home) but David shows a real passion for his profession. Plus, since his work is in oil, he makes bank!


Shwetha is an environmental engineer at an environmental consulting company in New Jersey. She applies the skills she learned at Rensselaer in her daily job. Her job entails a mix of both field work and office work to determine environmentally sustainable practices in construction.