Life After College: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Robin is an Structure Design Engineer for a major Aerospace company in Seattle, Washington. Robin's job entails making sure that the changes customers request on the design of their aircrafts are possible. See how Robin got into the field and his recommendations.


Andrew is a Business Analyst for a Financial Firm in Albany, New York. Andrew's job entails data analysis on Microsoft Excel using historical data and trends to make actionable decisions on strategies and procedures to increase a company's bottom line. Learn what it's like to live in "Up State" New York.


Gretchen is a Graphic Designer, specializing in advertising, working out of a beach house in Virginia Beach, VA. Gretchen shows a great passion for her work and explains the difference from her graphic design studies in school and her actual practice. See what Gretchen's life after college is like!


James is a Biomedical Engineer in Cambridge, Massachusetts. James takes on the world with a highly analytical mindset. He explains that a lot of engineering work involves number and data crunching. This is something he believes everyone should have a good understanding about if they were to go into this field.


David is a Fracker in North Dakota. Fracking is the process of fracturing rock by a pressurized liquid. The life of a fracker may not be for everyone (long hours and consecutive work days away from home) but David shows a real passion for his profession. Plus, since his work is in oil, he makes bank!


Anthony is a Senior Media Sales Associate at an advertising firm in New York City. He is in charge of internal sales, making calls to clients. Being in sales and cold calling can be a very difficult profession. Anthony has a great attitude towards his job and takes you on a tour of his life after college.


Shwetha is an environmental engineer at an environmental consulting company in New Jersey. She applies the skills she learned at Rensselaer in her daily job. Her job entails a mix of both field work and office work to determine environmentally sustainable practices in construction.