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#Reunited with Bentley the #Dog After One Year Apart! Surprise! Also: Corgi Dog Shedding Season, Annoying My Dog, Life After College Storytime, andGarlic Shrimp Dinner


Instant Spicy #Ramen Taste Test (#FireNoodle #TasteTest) Around the World Challenge! Which Country has the Spiciest Ramen? Samyang 2x, Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, USA, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong.


Childhood #Cereal I wasn't allowed to eat as a kid: Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, Honey Comb, Golden Grahams. Taste Test #Tastetest with Milk, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, and Water! ALSO: Korean Corn Cheese & Spicy Chicken, and 10 Things that Make Me Happy.


Tasty #Sushi Cake #DIY How To Make Masterpiece! (Sashimi/Poke/raw fish seafood cake) Using Maguro Tuna, Salmon, Ikura Fish Roe, Snow Crab, Amaebi Shrimp, Tonkatsu, and more! Also: The Happiest Corgi dog ever! Aquarium Update, Corgi Fan Mail, Gaming, and More!


#Corgis Go on Easter Egg Hunt (#EasterEggHunt)! See Corgi #Dog Reaction. Top Dog Toys Ranked, Corgchella, Quiche for Brunch, and Annoying My Dog!


Ice Cream Sandwich (#IceCreamSandwich) Taste Test (#Tastetest) #DIY: Ice Cream Donut, Waffle, Turnover/Croissant, Rice Crispy, or Cookie Sandwich? ALSO: Corgi's POV Beautiful Hike in Nature, Capsule Vending Machine Prizes, Cooking Quiz and Italian Soup Recipe!


Corgi gets a Root Canal Surgery at the Dog Dentist in today's Drama-Filled Vlog. Anesthesia, Tooth Extraction, X Rays and more. ALSO: Ninebot One E+ Electric Unicycle & Delicious Salmon Recipe!


#Fish Tank #Fishtank Saltwater #Aquarium Disaster Aftermath Update (Red Sea Max C-250). Covering Coral and Fish Deaths, Corgi's Dentist Exam, Target Haul, Switch Gaming, Ninebot, Rice Burger, and More in Today's Vlog!


Panda Express Burrito (#PandaExpress #Burrito) Tested! Thanks to Audible for Sponsoring this vlog: Get a free audiobook with 30-day free trial at


#Corgi #Puppy to Adult #Dog Anniversary (Year 3). See how Gatsby grows up and a comparison to his puppy days. ALSO: Corgi Eats Watermelon, Puppy Flashbacks (and Deleted Scenes), Saltwater Aquarium Water Change, and an Italian Sausage Sandwich for Dinner!