Tasty #Sushi Cake #DIY How To Make Masterpiece! (Sashimi/Poke/raw fish seafood cake) Using Maguro Tuna, Salmon, Ikura Fish Roe, Snow Crab, Amaebi Shrimp, Tonkatsu, and more! Also: The Happiest Corgi dog ever! Aquarium Update, Corgi Fan Mail, Gaming, and More!

Features of this Episode:

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– How to Make a Sushi Cake: maguro (tuna), sake (salmon), amaebi (shrimp), sprouts, Japanese cucumber, Tamago Omuretsu (Egg), Kani (snow crab), Shiso (oba), Tonkatsu (pork cutlet), nori (seaweed), avocado, flying fish roe
– Taste Test
– Happiest Corgi Walk Ever
– Alexa has Funny Things to Say
– Changing strings on Ukulele
– Playing Rainbow Connection on Ukulele
– Brushing Happy Corgi
– Aquarium Red Sea Max Saltwater Reef Tank Update and Water Change
– Neptune Apex Controller Favorite Feature
– Reading Fan Mail and Unboxing Gifts
– Bodybuilding Workout (arms) in Strong Lift Wear
– Ranking the best Movies of 2016 (that Disney Released)
– Dogs Playing in the Park
– Dinner with Friends at Burger Restaurant & Reviewing Calendar Images
– Snipperclips Gampleay Part 3 with Shawnsecrets
– Taste Testing Candy from Finland (Finnish Candy)

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