Corgi gets a Root Canal Surgery at the Dog Dentist in today’s Drama-Filled Vlog. Anesthesia, Tooth Extraction, X Rays and more. ALSO: Ninebot One E+ Electric Unicycle & Delicious Salmon Recipe!

Features of this Episode:


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– Gatsby’s Favorite Dog Toy (starting the Day off Happily)
– Corgi on Fleek Calendar: April
– Going to the Dog Dentist
– Dog’s Blood work for Anesthesia to get X-Ray and either Extraction or Root Canal
– Drama at the Dentist
– Emotional Scared Crying Corgi
– Corgi After Dentist Drugged up on Medication
– Dog Dental Results
– Golds Gym Workout in Strong Lift Wear and Physique Bodyware
– Workout Tip: Rope Lat Pull Down
– Hatching Eggs on Pokemon Go using a Ninebot One E+ Electric Unicycle
– Hatching Dratini and Getting a Dragonite
– Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt
– Favorite Thing About Vlogging
– Corgi Dog Bed Tour: Large Memory Foam Dog Sofa and Cozy Cave bed by Snooze Pet Products, Green Bed form TJ Maxx, Orthopedic Dog Bed from Petco
– Corgi Dog’s Dinnertime & Medication
– Garlic Lover’s Baked Salmon (Source) Recipe: Butter, Salmon, Garlic, White Wine, Italian Parsley, Lemon Juice, Green Onion, Salt & Pepper
– Hunting for Rare Pokemon with Shawnsecrets
– Corgi’s Night Time Potty and Super Sleepy Dog

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