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#Buzzfeed Food #Brownie Mix #Recipes #TasteTest Taste Test vlog. I make Brownie Cookies, Pizza, Waffles, and Brownie Cheesecake (from Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix)!


#Buzzfeed Food #Avocado (#AvocadoToast) #Recipes #TasteTest vlog also includes Avocado Gazpacho (chilled soup) and Avocado Mac & Cheese. ALSO: Avocado Grocery Haul, Corgi Artwork, Saltwater Aquarium Update, Corgi Ball Juggling, and Saltwater Aquarium Update!


#Buzzfeed Food #Nutella #Recipes Taste Tested in today's vlog! ALSO: Pokemon Go, Corgi Dog Reunited with Friend, Grocery Haul, Saltwater Aquarium Update, and More! Nutella Recipes: No Bake Cheesecake, Nutella Popsicles, Nutella Brownies, Nutella Cookies, and Nutella Milkshake.


Testing #Buzzfeed Street Car Style Food #Recipes (#BuzzfeedFood). NYC Chicken & Rice, Upside Down Banana Bread, Sriracha Guacamole Hot Dog, and Spinach Artichoke Quesadillas. ALSO Fan Mail, and the HAPPIEST Corgi Walk EVER!


#Buzzfeed Food #Ramen #Recipes Tested in today's vlog! ALSO: Grocery Haul, #Corgis In Slow Motion, In N Out Burger, and More! I make Ramen Pizza, Ramen Mac 'N Cheese, Ramen Chili, and Ramen Corn Dogs.


#Buzzfeed Food #Reese's Peanut butter Cup Candy Recipes Taste Test - Cooking The Best Desserts! Making Reese's Stuffed Oreos, Reese's Stuffed Cupcakes, Reese's Banana Bread, and Reese's Stuffed Chocolate Pudding Cookies!


Buzzfeed Food Recipe: Milkshake DIY Taste Test Challenge inspired by Black Tap Restaurant. Cake/Pie Milkshake, Cookie Milkshake, and Candy Milkshake! ALSO Reunited with Roommate's NEW DOG, CORGIS, Red Sea Max C-250 Aquarium Update, and more!


Buzzfeed Food Breakfast DIY Recipe Taste Test with FashionByAlly! Tons of Corgi Dog Action, Grocery Haul, Red Sea Max C250, Cooking Nutella Cheesecake French Toast Bake, Egg & Bacon Baguette, and a Smoothie Bowl.


I Taste Test Buzzfeed Food Oreo Recipes in this Cooking Vlog! ALSO Corgi Gets a new Yellow Tang Fish, Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies, Oreo Rice, Oreo Banana Bread, Deep Fried Oreos, and More!


I Taste Test the Buzzfeed Food Challenge with Clean Healthy Recipes in this Cooking Vlog! Grocery Haul, Caluiflower Rice, Sweet Potato Mash, Parsnip Noodles, and more! ALSO: Gym Workout, Corgi, Amiibos, and Aquariums!