Buzzfeed Food Breakfast DIY Recipe Taste Test with FashionByAlly! Tons of Corgi Dog Action, Grocery Haul, Red Sea Max C250, Cooking Nutella Cheesecake French Toast Bake, Egg & Bacon Baguette, and a Smoothie Bowl.

Features of this Episode:

– Gatsby the Corgi
– Buzzfeed Breakfast Food
– Meeting FashionByAlly
– Grocery Haul (Grocery Shopping at Safeway)
– Gatsby’s St. Patrick’s Day Outfit
Making Buzzfeed Nutella Creamcheese French Toast
Making Buzzfeed Egg & Bacon Baguette
– Buzzfeed taste test
Watch Lunch Video Collaboration on FashionByAlly’s Channel
– Golds Gym Workout in Strong Lift Wear
– Paparazzi Gatsby Fan Photo
– Snoozer Pet Products’ Cozy Cave Dog Bed
– “GatsbysFriends” Promo Code Gets you 15% off at
– Red Sea Max C-250 Saltwater Aquarium Update
– Doing Laundry
– Tons of Dogs Playing at the Dog Park! (Corgis, Great Danes, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and MORE!)
– Eating Dinner at MOD Pizza: Make your own pizza
– Corgi in a Cozy Cave Bed
– Corgi Dog’s Smile
Buzzfeed Taste Test Smoothie Bowl

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