Learn how to dress after college in style for work. I like to wear checkered-print shirts because it adds a fresh look and youth to my business work clothes. As a marketer out of college, I wanted to differentiate my wardrobe from everyone elses’ while still looking acceptable and young. I found that the checkered shirt was the perfect way to add some visual interest to my clothes without going overboard. In fact, I used to get a lot of compliments on my checkered shirts!

In this photo gallery, I give you a tour of the business clothes I would wear to work (matched with a tie).

Men’s Work Style Closet Tour

College Grad Business Clothes Closet

I worked in Silicon Valley doing online marketing. The office environment is a lot more casual on the West Coast. Because I was a marketer, I thought I needed to always look fresh and stylin’. These are the clothes that I wore to the office every day (before getting a job working from home). Now days, these clothes go mostly untouched unless I go to a conference or meeting.


Checkered Print Adds Style

Ralph Lauren Business Shirt

Dark Purple Ralph Lauren Business Shirt

This was one of the first shirts I bought after college. I bought it with a Macy’s giftcard during a sale. It is a Ralph Lauren “no iron” shirt. The color immediately caught my eye while I was shopping. And I loved the fact that the shirt didn’t get wrinkled. I have probably worn this shirt more than any other to work.

Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Tie: Express Mens
Slacks: Hugo Boss


Checkered Print Keeps it Young

Lacoste Blue Checkered Shirt

Blue Lacoste Checkered Print Shirt

This is my favorite shirt (and probably the only one I actually wear outside of work). I bought it at a Lacoste Outlet Store. This isn’t really a business shirt and so I would usually match it with a dark solid skinny tie for work (I got the one in the picture from Top Man in New York City for $9).

Shirt: Lacoste
Tie: Top Man
Slacks: Hugo Boss



Lacoste Green Checkered Shirt

Light Green Lacoste Checkered Shirt

Here is another checkered Lacoste shirt. I liked how the Lacoste shirts fit me (more of a slim/tapered fit, which they called “modern fit”). I got this one from my sister for my birthday. I like to match it with a darker tie like the one pictured (which I also received from my sister for Christmas).

Shirt: Lacoste
Tie: Express Mens
Slacks: Hugo Boss


Polo Ralph Lauren Business Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Business Shirt

Here’s another staple shirt that I would wear to work often. I would receive a lot of compliments for this shirt (which I got from a Polo Ralph Lauren outlet store). This time I matched it up with a lighter colored tie (this is because I used to think that the shirt by itself looked a little “old”).

Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren
Tie: Versace
Slacks: Hugo Boss


Brooks Brothers Checkered Business Shirt

Brooks Brothers Checkered Work Shirt

A lot of the times I would go to the office without a tie (it was never required to wear a tie at work; I just thought I looked sharper with one). I got this shirt for Christmas from my parents. Brooks Brothers is definitely an East Coast thing. I remember all of my classmates at Cornell would wear this company (and I always wanted a shirt from here).

Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Slacks: Hugo Boss


How To Iron Your Shirt

Matching Your Checkered Business Shirt

Checkered shirts can get very “loud” and may not always be appropriate for the office. Many times, this can be solved by wearing a jacket or matching it with a tie. Since the shirt pattern is busy, I often match it with a solid-colored or dark tie (i.e. black, dark grey, navy, etc.). Most of my ties are from Express Men as they are a lot cheaper, younger, and of high quality (and look sharp).

The next time you are looking to purchase some more work clothes, keep an eye out for these checkered-print shirts. (As you saw, I usually go with Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and Brooks Brothers.) They can make you look sharp and get you some compliments at work.

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