Instant #Ramen Cup Noodles (#CupNoodles) Taste Test Around the World Challenge! Ramen from USA, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China, and More! ALSO Gatsby the Corgi’s Big News and Tons of Ukulele Covers!

Features of this Episode:


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– Instant Ramen Cup Noodle World Tour
– Gatsby the Corgi Artwork in Apartment Tour
– Bacon, Eggs, Rice, Soy Sauce Breakfast
– Superman Corgi Juggles Ball & Dancing
– Shopping at Asian Market for Cup Noodle Ramen from around the world
– Red Sea Max C-250 Aquarium Maintenance and Ukulele Cover
– Golds Gym Workout in Strong Lift Wear
– Shopping for More Cup Ramen at Safeway
– PO Box check at Post Office
– Cup Noodle Ramen Taste Test from countries around the world
– Tea Detox with Teavana Steeper
– Corgi Dog Calendar Project Announcement!
– Corgi Dog Goes Potty
– PO Box Fan Mail: Fan Art, Dog Toys and Package from Australia
– Dogs Playing in the Park in Slow Motion
– Orijen Regional Dog Food with Coconut Oil
– Chipotle Run (Chiptopia Rewards)
– Refrigerator Shelf Broke & Eatingt Watermelon while playing Fur Elise
– Corgi wants to play
– Food Tours Around The World Playlist: Watch Here

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