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My Corgi Dog Rides on my Ninebot One E+ Hoverboard Electric Unicycle at the park (in my backpack). ALSO: Dog Restaurant Date, Nature's Skittles Fruit Salad Recipe, New Corals in my Red Sea Max C-250 Aquarium, Pokken Tournament, and Top 5 Inspirational Songs!


How to Cook the Ultimate Ramen Recipe (The BEST Ramen Recipe). PLUS Red Sea Max C250 Saltwater Aquarium Update, Ninebot One E+ Electric Unicycle, Redwood Forest Hike with Corgi, and Asian Market Grocery Haul!


Sharing My Chest & Back Workout Routine for Skinny Guys (ectomorph) to gain mass/muscle. ALSO my Ninebot, Cooking Chili, and an Update on my Red Sea Max Saltwater Reef Aquarium.


My Corgi was attacked in the eye by a mean dog yesterday. Vlog also includes Amiibo Hunting and Unboxing of Mii Fighters, Cooking Chicken Pesto Pasta and Pumpkin Cheesecake, and my TRON Halloween Costume on the Ninebot Electric Unicycle!


Riding the Ninebot One E+ and PhunkeeDuck Hoverboards --self-balancing electric scooters -- at Night at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts. Also bring Gatsby to Bark in the Park Dog Fair and Corgi Meet Up!


I Taste Test Buzzfeed Food Recipes No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie & 4 Ingredient Chicken Bake. I also create an Amiibo Hunter Super Mario Maker Stage Walkthrough and Ride the Ninebot One E+ One Wheel Hoverboard.


Check out My Amiibo Hunt for Bowser Jr and Dr. Mario from Wave 6, Riding a Ninebot One E+ with LEDs, and a New Puppy Supplies - all of the stuff to get for a New Puppy + Nutella Brownies in today's vlog!


Checking out the Star Wars Force Friday Madness, PLUS Gatsby's Corgi Smile, Ninebot, Aquarium, Splatoon, and Making an Almond Rocha Dessert all in today's CRAZY vlog!


Providing some answers about Gatsby's Corgi Puppy days. Also Ninebot One E+ and Sugarfina Candy Store Opening!


I got the Ninebot One E+ (segway/hoverboard/electric unicycle) and learn how to ride it! Gatsby the Corgi also gets a new iFetch Ball Launcher. And we go to a Car Show!