My 5 Year Anniversary On YouTube! ALSO Saltwater Aquarium VLOG! Celebrate with new Fish and Coral for my Aquarium! ALSO: Looking back at the past, Boba, Beginning of the Month, and Tons of CORGI Action!

Features of this Episode:


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– Looking back at 5 Years on YouTube
– Adding a Flame Angel Fish to My Red Sea Max Saltwater Aquarium
– Beginning of the Month: Heartworm and Flea Pills for the Dog
– Grabbing Boba Milk Tea from Happy Lemon with my buddy
– Grabbing Chinese Food: Pork Chop, Fried Rice, and Fried Chicken
– Corgi Butt Pet
– Feeding Garlic Soaked Mysis to Fish and Coral
– Shopping for New Coral Pieces
– New Torch Corals and Water Change
– Bodybuilding Leg Workout in Rise Above Fitness Tank and Strong Lift Wear Shorts
– Corgi Plays with iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher in Slomo
– College Stories: Crazies Projects during University (Organizational Behavior Employee Cruise Ship Report, Marketing Report, Managerial Communication, and International Marketing Report)
– Blood Orange Soda
– Ukulele Song (Surfer Corg)
– Saltwater Aquarium Showcase
– Dogs Playing Tug of War in the Park
– Feeding Dog his Dinner
– Grabbing Pizza Dinner with Shawnsecrets (
– Corgi Dog Smiles
– Corgi On Fleek T-shirt Fans!
– Thank you for following us for 5 years!

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