Oh No! My #Saltwater #Fish Tank #Aquarium has some more problems! In my Red Sea Max: see what happens to my Flame Angel Fish who contracts ick a fish disease. ALSO in Vlog: Getting New Corals, Playing Arms, Ukulele, Corgis Playing, Happy Lemon, Making Singaporean Chicken, and so much more!

Features of this Episode:

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– Flame Angel fish has ick fish disease
– Feeding Tank Blood Worms
– Adding New Hammer Coral and Rainbow Torch Coral
– Playing Ukulele with Aquarium Showcase (Gatspacito)
– Gatsby & Tenby: Funny Corgis Playing
– Flame Angel Fish is dead: Freezing the Fish
– Corgi Sit Down and Be Humble!
– Happy Lemon Salted Cheese Green Tea
– Working Out Arms (Biceps and Triceps) in Body-Engineers Top
– Grocery Shopping at Safeway for Dinner
– Funny Bounce Song
– Playing Arms on the Switch
– Corgi Sploot
– Making Hainanese Chicken and Rice from Singapore
– Corgi gets Chicken Broth Dinner
– In line for Spider-Man
– Opening Fan Mail
– Gatsby’s Calendar is on Sale: http://www.corgionfleek.com

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