Going on an Amiibo Hunt (including Wii Fit Trainer, Meta Knight, Captain Falcon, and More). Also featuring Gatsby the Corgi Puppy, and In-N-Out Burger!

Features of this Episode:

– Unboxing Nintendo Amiibo Wii Fit Trainer
– Hunting for Captain Falcon Amiibo at Best Buy
– Checking Toys R Us for the Lucario Amiibo
– Doing a Curbside Pickup for Samus and Zelda Amiibos
– My College friend visiting
– Kotetsu Ramen for Lunch
– Smart & Final
– Gatsby ripped up cardboard
– Dog Park with Gatsby the Corgi Puppy
– In-N-Out Burger Drive Through
– Frustration with Amiibo Hunt
– Tessa, Gatsby’s friend, visits
– Meta Knight Amiibo (traded and Unboxing)