How To Cook Hawaii Snacks Including Spam Musubi, Butter Mochi, Haupia, Hurricane Popcorn, and DIY Money Lei Gift from a Hawaii Local.

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– Playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow on the Ukulele + Morning Routine with Corgi Dog
– Cooking Hawaii Local Snacks
– Grocery Shopping Haul at Safeway for Hawaii Snacks
– Butter Mochi Recipe (Source): Mochiko, Dried Sweetened Coconut Flakes, Eggs, Vanilla Extract, Melted Butter, Whole Milk, Sugar, Baking Powder
– Haupia Coconut Pudding Recipe (Source) Coconut Milk, Sugar, Corn Starch
– Golds Gym Leg Workout in Gym Shark & Body Engineers Gear
– Petfood Express Acana Ranchlands Dog Food
– Banggai Cardinal Fish died
– Taste Testing Haupia and Butter Mochi
– Gamestop for Darkrai Pokemon Giveaway
– Asian Market & Daiso Grocery Store Haul with ShawnSecrets
– Spam Musubi (Rice Ball): Rice, Sugar, Spam, Nori (Seaweed), Soysauce, and a Spam Musubi Mold
– Corgi Dog Eats his first Spam Musubi
– How to Make a Money Lei (Butterflies) Gift Necklace: Ribbons from Michaels, $20 in $1 Bills, Butterfly Fold, Double Braiding
– Graduations in Hawaii (Graduation Present)
– Dogs Playing in the Park
– Making Hurricane Popcorn: Furikake, Popcorn, Arare
– Reviewing Captain America
– Red Sea Max C-250 Reef Aquarium: Full Tank Shot
– Playing Somewhere Over The Rainbow on the Ukulele (arranged by me)