Life After College calls for an upgrade to your College Meal: Ramen. Learn how to make delicious, cheap, and easy deluxe ramen. I take you grocery shopping with me to the Asian Market in order to show which ingredients I use. Then I show step-by-step, what I do in order to prepare my ramen noodle dinner. As you can see, Ramen can be a complete meal! Protein, Vegetables, and Carbs!

Features of this Video:

Ingredients: Refrigerated Ramen Noodles (not the dried out kind) from your asian market (this one is from Sun Noodle Ramen), baby bok choy, char siu or smoked ham (or any kind of BBQ meat).

See a Full Written Explanation Here: Upgrade Your College Ramen into a Delicious Meal in 4 Easy Steps

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