Life After College: Cooking

Anders is a Food Prep Coordinator at a Healthy Cuisine Restaurant (True Food Kitchen) in Denver, Colorado. Anders' job entails coordinating with others to help make LOTS of food for the service line. This includes preparing sauces, stocks, soups, and more! See what Anders' life after college is like!


Ellie is a cook in Napa Valley, California, the food and wine capital of the United States. It is clear that she loves her job from the way she describes her daily tasks. It is inspiring to read about her life surrounded by food enthusiasts. Ellie's dream is to one day open her own restaurant and she is in the best place to do this!


Casto is a Pastry Cook in a major restaurant in Washington DC, Virginia. Casto originally graduated with a food science degree but found an interest in baking pastries. Being a pastry cook is a lot of work, requiring attention to detail, and is not for everybody. It is inspiring to see how passionately Casto writes about his work.