Life After College: Cornell University

Erin is a Hospitality Real Estate Valuation Analyst (which she says is a fancy term for appraiser) in New York City. Erin's job entails providing an objective opinion of market value of a hotel property. This includes inspecting the hotel, reviewing its financials, and making a 10-year income projections. Learn how she got into the field.


Ilya is a Business Developer/Seller for Acxiom Big Data in São Paulo, Brazil. Ilya's job entails sourcing deals, pitching clients, creating proposals, and negotiating contracts. Ilya grew up in Vancouver, Canada and went to Cornell University. Learn how he made the transition to Brazil..


Rae is a Development Coordinator at a Conservation Non-Profit in Big Island Hawaii. Her job entails raising funding for operations and programs, as well as working on partnership building, donor cultivation and reputation management. And see what Life After College is like in Hawaii!


George is a Compensation Analyst at a major technology company in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area). His job entails determining salary increases and compensation to attract, retain, and compete for new work talent. George's studies are in Industrial and Labor Relations. See how he uses his studies in his daily job.


Lauren is a Corporate Training Manager for a Food & Beverage company in Singapore. Her job covers a broad scope of work from employee retention, brand management, and business growth and recruiting. In addition, see what the life of a college grad in Singapore is like!


Anders is a Food Prep Coordinator at a Healthy Cuisine Restaurant (True Food Kitchen) in Denver, Colorado. Anders' job entails coordinating with others to help make LOTS of food for the service line. This includes preparing sauces, stocks, soups, and more! See what Anders' life after college is like!


Candy is a Revenue Manager for seven hotel properties in Waikiki, Hawaii. As a Revenue Manager, Candy's job entails forecasting hotel demand and supply to set room rates, meeting with the hotel general managers, and managing online travel agent sites such as Expedia. See what life in Hawaii is like for a college grad.


Jamie is a Medical Software Implementer for Hospitals at a company called Epic located in Madison, Wisconsin. Jamie is a project manager and has many daily tasks: no two days are the same. Her job entails so much more than making sure hospitals implement the medical software properly. Learn how she got into this field with a degree in Government.


Sara is a Corporate Law Project Assistant in San Francisco, California. She describes her job as "an assistant to paralegals, but with pro-bono work basically akin to a contracted professional." Sara actually majored in Spanish in college. Learn how she ended up in Corporate Law.


John Manages a Major Celebrity Fine Dining Restaurant in Hong Kong. In fact, John was one of the first manager's at the restaurant's opening! Learn how John's semester studying abroad in Italy lead to his re-born interest into the food and beverage industry. And see what it's like living in Hong Kong!


Laura is a Real Estate Development Project Manager in Dallas, Texas. As a Project Manager for the Development of Hotels, Laura manages the construction teams and makes sure the real estate is built on time and within budget. Learn how Laura acquired her job and tour her life after college.


Sherin is a Wealth Management Analyst at JPMorgan Chase in New York City. Sherin's position is similar to a Project Manager as she is in charge of overseeing a venture from inception to completion. Sherin just purchased her own studio apartment in the heart of New York City. Learn about her experiences in and out of the office.


Brandon is a High School Educational Outreach & Engagement Manager in Atlanta Georgia. Brandon's job involves working with educators on ways to increase student engagement and creating an educational community. The way Brandon writes with passion about his position is inspirational.


Linda is a Residential Real Estate Agent/Match-Maker focusing on the luxury segment in Los Angeles, California. Learn how Linda runs her own company and how she applies her studies in Hospitality from Cornell University to acquire new clients and make sales. And tour her own home in Los Angeles!


Nick is an Acquisitions and Asset Management Analyst for a large Hotel Investment Company in New York City. As an analyst, Nick's job focuses primarily on financial and asset management. Learn what his daily job entails and how he was able to put his college major and studies to good use.


Danielle is a Front of House Restaurant Manager in the Flatiron district of New York City. Danielle gives an in-depth look into what managing a restaurant is all about (managing a restaurant is so much more than overseeing a restaurant's operations). And get a tour of Danielle's New York City apartment.


Genki is a Systems Engineer and works on providing actionable data analysis to the US Government for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Learn how his Engineering background and studies landed him this prestigious position, and how he applies what he learned to his every-day job.


LeeJee is a Retail Associate Buyer at the high-end Saks 5th Avenue department store in New York City. As the Associate Buyer, LeeJee is in charge of stocking the New York City stores with products that attract her target clientele. For many, this is a dream job! See how LeeJee's background in hospitality helps her in her everyday profession.


Ellie is a cook in Napa Valley, California, the food and wine capital of the United States. It is clear that she loves her job from the way she describes her daily tasks. It is inspiring to read about her life surrounded by food enthusiasts. Ellie's dream is to one day open her own restaurant and she is in the best place to do this!


Ojus works at Facebook as an online social gaming analyst. Get an inside look into working at Facebook as well as what a gaming analyst's daily job entails. Ojus moved from Boston to San Francisco for his dream job. Gain a candid look into life in SF and Tour Ojus's apartment!