Life After College: New York City

Erin is a Hospitality Real Estate Valuation Analyst (which she says is a fancy term for appraiser) in New York City. Erin's job entails providing an objective opinion of market value of a hotel property. This includes inspecting the hotel, reviewing its financials, and making a 10-year income projections. Learn how she got into the field.


Kiyo does Financial Analysis for a Healthcare Company in New York City. Kiyo's job entails monitoring revenue cycle, analyzing financial statements, and mocking up business plans. Learn how Kiyo got into this field and tour is New York City apartment, which he shares with his girlfriend (also featured on this site: Valerie).


Melissa is a freelance writer in New York City. (She is doing the Sex in the City thing.) Her job entails contractual writing gigs, and searching on Craigslist for the new opportunities. Melissa is very passionate about writing as she shares her lifestyle with us. Tour her life and her apartment in New York City.


Sherin is a Wealth Management Analyst at JPMorgan Chase in New York City. Sherin's position is similar to a Project Manager as she is in charge of overseeing a venture from inception to completion. Sherin just purchased her own studio apartment in the heart of New York City. Learn about her experiences in and out of the office.


Nick is an Acquisitions and Asset Management Analyst for a large Hotel Investment Company in New York City. As an analyst, Nick's job focuses primarily on financial and asset management. Learn what his daily job entails and how he was able to put his college major and studies to good use.


Danielle is a Front of House Restaurant Manager in the Flatiron district of New York City. Danielle gives an in-depth look into what managing a restaurant is all about (managing a restaurant is so much more than overseeing a restaurant's operations). And get a tour of Danielle's New York City apartment.


Jeremy is a Social Media Manager for a popular men's website in New York City. Jeremy has a background in entertainment writing and applies his practice to managing his company's social platforms, posts, and responses. Learn how Jeremy acquired his job - what an inspiring journey!


LeeJee is a Retail Associate Buyer at the high-end Saks 5th Avenue department store in New York City. As the Associate Buyer, LeeJee is in charge of stocking the New York City stores with products that attract her target clientele. For many, this is a dream job! See how LeeJee's background in hospitality helps her in her everyday profession.


Valerie is a PR account executive in New York City. She specifically works in promoting the Lifestyle and Travel divisions of her company. Some consider PR to be a very challenging profession. Take a tour of Valerie's NYC apartment and learn what working in public relations really entails.


Robbie is a Consultant specializing in Hospitality at a major Real Estate company in New York City. Robbie provides a play-by-play of his entire work day to give you a good idea of what a consultant in NYC does. In addition, tour his New York City apartment to get a good idea of his life after college.


Anthony is a Senior Media Sales Associate at an advertising firm in New York City. He is in charge of internal sales, making calls to clients. Being in sales and cold calling can be a very difficult profession. Anthony has a great attitude towards his job and takes you on a tour of his life after college.


Samantha is a Business Analyst at a large financial company in New York City. Her position entails investigating new ways to increase revenue and client experience for a company. And each project is different from the last. Samantha's job seems very interesting as it requires a large skill base.


Emily is an Account Manager at a Media Advertising company in New York City. NYC is the home of leading advertising firms across the globe. It is interesting how Emily writes that communication and time management play a large role in her position. In addition, get an apartment tour of Emily's New York City home.