Life After College: Santa Clara University

Bernard is an Account Coordinator for an Online Advertising start up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bernard's job involves working with clients to build online campaigns to generate leads. Learn how Bernard chose the online marketing field and what life in the San Francisco Bay area is like.


Chris works at Google as a sales account executive in the social media department. Learn what his daily job at Google in internet sales entails and what it's like to live in the booming Silicon Valley, the technology and start-up capital of the US. This is definitely an exciting place for a new college grad to live and do business as you will find out!


Lauren is a public tax accounting associate at a Big 4 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lauren helps companies to prepare tax forms as well as federal provisions and compliance. See what life as a college grad in this profession entails. Lauren lives in the Bay Area, just south of San Francisco.


Kyle is an Online Travel Marketer in Maui, Hawaii. Learn how online travel marketing is changing the face of the travel industry. In addition to work, Kyle lives quite a life: he wakes up at 6:00 AM to go surfing outside his house before work and coaches soccer at night. What a life.


Shaun is a research associate at a healthcare company in the San Francisco Bay Area. On a daily basis, he does research on people with kidney disease and spends time on site checking in with patients at the clinic. Shaun mentions that his job requires a lot of detail-oriented work as healthcare calls for a lot of paperwork.