Filling Up my New Red Sea Max C-250 Reef Aquarium with Rare Corals. ALSO Moving my Rose Bubble Tip Anemone and Rock Flower Anemone to my new tank AND CORGI Beach Get Together! Gold Torch Coral, Rainbow Acans, Pink-Tipped Aussie Elegance Coral, War Paint Scolymia

Features of this Episode:

– Playing with Gatsby the Corgi Puppy
– Recovered from my Cold
Red Sea Max Aquarium Series Playlist
– Neptune Aquatics Aquarium Store
– Coral Haul: Australian Pink-Tipped Elegance Coral, Trying to Detach a Rose Bubble Tip Anemone (bring it to a new tank)
– Trying to get the Rock Flower Anemone to let go
– Water Test, Gold Torch Coral, and Orange Rainbow Acan
– Getting Rare Corals for Cheap: Craigslist and Facebook Groups
– Local Reefer’s Frag Collection
– Buying New Corals: Orange Acan, Ultra Rainbow Acan, War Paint Scoly, Metallic Green Frogspawn, Sunny D, Ring of FIre Zoas
– Aquascaping and how I place the coral
– Ok Corgis Now Let’s Get in Formation
– San Francisco Ocean Beach Corgi Get Together Corgis Playing on the Beach
– Dog Car Seat from Snoozer Pets
– Corgi Bathtime
– Red Sea Max C-250 Reef Aquarium Tour and Coral Haul
– My Old Biocube Nano Reef Aquarium’s Glory Days: Check out the Video (Here)
– Golds Gym Workout
– Still Sick
– iFetch Too with Corgi
– Going to LaVictoria (LaVics) Restaurant (where Cam Newton went before the Super bowl) with my friend Shawnsecrets
– Actinic Reef Aquarium at Night