Play through Difficult Amiibo Levels in Super Mario Maker for Wii U including my own Amiibo Hunter Level as well as Andre from GameXplain’s (DK Arcade) level, a Metroid Level, and a Zelda Level (while Gatsby the Corgi cheers me on)!

Features of this Episode:

– My Amiibo Hunter Super Mario Maker Level Course ID: 1465-000-0049
– A Metroid Level Course ID: 47D4-0000-000F-6D96
– The Great Escape Course ID: B2FA-0000-000F-8C2E
– Donkey Kong 25m Arcade Course ID: B7A5-0000-0019-7926
– ZELDA Course ID: B42A-0000-000F-7E28
– Don’t Press Anything Course ID: AA64-0000-000F-7D4C