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Red Sea Max C-250 Saltwater Reef Aquarium Setup Update, Corgis, Water Changes, New Fish (Melanurus Wrasse), Amiibo, Wii U, Pokken Tournament, and Men's Health Recipes all in Today's Jam-Packed Vlog!


Play through Difficult Amiibo Levels in Super Mario Maker for Wii U including my own Amiibo Hunter Level as well as Andre from GameXplain's (DK Arcade) level, a Metroid Level, and a Zelda Level (while Gatsby the Corgi cheers me on)!


Spending the Day at the San Jose Fit Expo 2015 with Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Rich Piana, Jeremy Buendia, Kaden Nguyen, Robert Oberst, Kali Muscle, Brandan Schieppati, Jon Skywalker, and MORE!


Today I answer a lot of Corgi/Gatsby-related questions along with announcing my first meet-and-greet event at the NorCal CorgiCon!


Today I cook an epic White Chicken Chili while being incredibly productive: Aquarium, Amiibos, Grocery Shopping, and more!


My College friends come to visit me over Memorial Day Weekend for a FUN Weekend touring Santa Clara University, Wii U Games, and Mini Golf!