Hotel Revenue Manager in Waikiki Hawaii College Grad
Name: Candy
Career: Revenue Manager
Company Field: Hospitality
Located In: Honolulu, Hawaii
Grew Up In: Honolulu, Hawaii
Graduated From:
Majored In: Hospitality
Graduated In: 2011
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Candy is a Revenue Manager for seven hotel properties in Waikiki, Hawaii. As a Revenue Manager, Candy's job entails forecasting hotel demand and supply to set room rates, meeting with the hotel general managers, and managing online travel agent sites such as Expedia. See what life in Hawaii is like for a college grad.

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Name: Candy
Career: Revenue Manager
Company Field: Hospitality
Located In: Honolulu, Hawaii
Grew Up In: Honolulu, Hawaii
Graduated From:
Majored In: Hospitality
Graduated In: 2011

Quick Stats on Hotel Revenue Management

Work Hours/Week: 50 hours
Work Hour Flexibility: High
Quality of Lifestyle Outside of Work: Medium
Work Stress Level: High
Level of Routine Work: Medium
Interaction with Co-Workers: High
Pay Level (out of 5): $$

Life of a College Grad Hospitality Revenue Manager


As a Revenue Manager, I manage seven hotel properties in Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu. My primary responsibilities include conducting bi-weekly revenue maximization meetings with General Managers, Directors of Sales, and other interested parties. I spend a lot of time running reports and analyzing reservations and market trends.

Hotel Revenue Manager's Daily Routine:

6:30 AM Wake up, have breakfast

7:30 AM Go to work, get coffee/tea

8:00 AM Start retrieving reports from the system, prepare for meetings, attend meetings

12:30 PM Break for lunch

1:30 PM Attend meetings, do follow-up work resulting from meetings

5:30 PM Go to yoga

7:45 PM Go home, have dinner

8:30 PM Work more remotely, if necessary

10:30 PM Sleep

College Grad Revenue Manager in Waikiki, Hawaii
How To Get Into The Field
My masters degree is in revenue management from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration (in Ithaca, New York). However, without any hotel experience, it was difficult to land a revenue management job, especially in Hawaii where experience is valued higher than education. To gain the experience, I worked for a year at a hotel in an internal audit function. I was able to network with an alumni in Honolulu, Hawaii and got the job when his company had an opening.

What Do You Really Do?
I run a lot of reports of a daily basis, which helps me to analyze reservations and market trends. I take a look to see if we are pacing ahead in room nights, average daily rate, and revenue, and make adjustments to pricing as necessary. I meet weekly with my department and bi-weekly with my properties.
Pros/Cons of Your Job
I like that I can make an immediate impact on sales by making changes to pricing. It's rewarding when I make or exceed my budgets. However, it's frustrating when things are out of your control that prevent you from making budget, such as low demand or high airfare prices.

Life in Honolulu, Hawaii

Quick Stats on Honolulu, Hawaii

Job Opportunities: Low
Competition for Housing: Medium
Housing Cost: High
Population of Young People: High
Nightlife: Medium
Safety: High
Biggest Industries: Hospitality, Finance

The Life of a College Grad In Honolulu, Hawaii


College Grad living in Honolulu, Hawaii

What's it Like to Live Here?
There are a lot of great opportunities for outdoor adventures when you live in Hawaii, such as hiking, surfing, golfing, etc. That's probably the best way to make new friends as there isn't a huge nightlife scene. It's very expensive to live here, and you'll have to factor in more expensive rent, food, and gas prices. Most people in Hawaii tend to live with their family right after college.

Getting a job after college with a masters in Hawaii can be difficult. As I had mentioned before, the culture in Hawaii values experience more than education. Family is valued highly in Hawaii (more than a job). In fact, work can be considered a taboo subject to speak about (since it is just a means to living).

How Did I End Up Here?
I was born and raised in Hawaii, so I looked for jobs specifically in Hawaii. I enjoy living in Honolulu because the people are generally very friendly and all the outdoor activities I enjoy are available year-round because of the great weather.
My Set-Up
I share a two bedroom apartment in town with my boyfriend. We found our place through looking for apartment listings on Craigslist.

Closing Advice


Make time for healthy activities, such as meeting with friends, exercising, and sleeping. You will never finish all the work that you have going on - sleep on it and it will be there for you the next day.

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