Medical Startup Business Developer College Grad in the San Francisco Bay Area
Name: Gio
Career: Background Operations
Company Field: Healthcare/Ecommerce
Located In: San Francisco Bay Area, California
Grew Up In: Santa Cruz, California
Graduated From:
Majored In: Business/Economics
Graduated In: In Progress
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Gio is a Business Developer at a Medical Startup in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working at a startup requires Gio to perform a lot of different skills from marketing and tech support,, to business operations. Learn how Gio worked his way up to his current position. His story is truly inspiring!

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Name: Gio
Career: Background Operations
Company Field: Healthcare/Ecommerce
Located In: San Francisco Bay Area, California
Grew Up In: Santa Cruz, California
Graduated From:
Majored In: Business/Economics
Graduated In: In Progress

Quick Stats on Business Development at a Medical Start-Up

Work Hours/Week: 50 hours
Work Hour Flexibility: High
Quality of Lifestyle Outside of Work: High
Work Stress Level: Medium
Level of Routine Work: Medium
Interaction with Co-Workers: High
Pay Level (out of 5): $$$$

Life of a College Grad Business Developer


My job is pretty unique as I help run a Medical start up company. My job includes things from I.T. issues on the back-end of the website to marketing the company to new prospective customers.

Business Developer's Daily Routine:

6:00 AM Wake up, eat breakfast and get ready

6:30 AM - 2:30 PM I start work. Throughout the day, my breaks and tasks are very flexible since I pretty much make my own schedule.

2:30 PM Off work

3:00 PM Get ready for the gym

4:00 PM Workout

7:00 PM Arrive home. Clean up, Eat dinner and relax

11:30 PM Time for bed :)

College Grad Business Developer at a Medical Start Up
How To Get Into The Field
My story is also unique in the fact that I have been blessed with opportunities that college graduates have a hard time finding. Let alone an individual who just started college last year. was in the medical field for 5 years prior to my new adventure. Starting from the bottom and working my up. I was in the Outpatient Surgery Center field to be exact. I had left that company as an Anesthesia Tech when I started my new journey. The President and Founder of the Out Patient Company I was working for started the new company I am now helping run. She felt that my knowledge and expertise I had acquired the years before would be a valuable asset to her company, along with the other skills I have acquired over the years; i.e. I.T. skills, computer knowledge, medical networking, etc.

What Do You Really Do?
Currently, my job has been a bit less stressful since the hardest part is done(starting the company from the ground up). A daily expression of my day would consist of a few things. Registering and marketing our company to new medical facilities such as Hospitals, Surgery Centers, and Physician's Offices. Maintaining the operation of the website on the back-end interface. Assisting current customers with ways to cut cost on products and introduction to new ones. And trouble shooting any problems a customer may have, bith with the website itself and the products we offer.
Pros/Cons of Your Job
There are many Pro's to my job and the opportunity I have had. But I will keep it minimal. Expanding my ever growing network with Medical Professionals and world class surgeons is a huge plus! Being a part of a Start-Up company and learning the "ins and outs" of how a business is conducted from inception is a huge advantage to my skills. Seeing as how I will be a Business and Econ major in the next couple of years, I feel I have a HUGE advantage over my fellow classmates as to what it will take to be successful.

Tour My NorCal House:

Quick Stats on the San Francisco Bay Area

Job Opportunities: High
Competition for Housing: Medium
Housing Cost: High
Population of Young People: High
Nightlife: Medium
Safety: High
Biggest Industries: Tech Companies, Medical Companies, Food and Entertainment Industry.

The Life of a College Grad In The San Francisco Bay Area


House with Pool in the San Francisco Bay Area

What's it Like to Live Here?
Currently I reside in Saratoga, California. The area is really nice and peaceful. There are never and crimes and the neighborhoods resemble that of Pleasantville. Weather is pretty much up to Central California standards. The beach is only 30 minutes away and San Francisco is only 45 minutes away. There are plenty of good eateries and shopping malls to be explored. Northern California is great for outdoor activity. It is great how there are so many tech companies around but also so much nature. I do a lot of hiking in Silicon Valley on the weekends.

How Did I End Up Here?
Growing up, I called Santa Cruz, California home. Sadly, when my parents divorced 10 years ago, I was forced to make a choice. Calling home along side my father was the decision I had made. He had moved to Santa Clara, California and this is where the exposure of new life and culture would soon become a new part of me.
My Set-Up
My currently residence is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. There is a pool in the backyard and plenty of sun to make the days enjoyable. Lush grass and greenery make home really feel like home.

Closing Advice


The biggest mistake I have witnessed many college grads and even adults commit, is not putting yourself out there. Networking and making connections with a variety of individuals and businesses will help in the molding of your success. Create a goal, make your path, take the journey, and reach success. It is conceptually easy. But you are the only one in the end who can determine how successful you can be.

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