Life After College:

See what Life After College is like! These are real college graduates who share their lifestyles with you. Learn all about their job and about the area they live. Get a tour of their apartment and see their agenda.

Sergey is an Aerospace Mechanical Engineer for a major airplane company in Seattle, Washington. Sergey works as a weights engineer and influences the design of aircrafts. Read about the advice he has for engineers.


Chynna is an after school special education teacher in Honolulu, Hawaii. Chynna works to improve the social skills of children with learning disabilities including Autism Spectrum, Asperger's Syndrom, and ADHD. Read what her daily life entails and what it's like living in Hawaii.


Tyler is a Senior Financial Analyst for a major technology company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn about the career path for Tyler's profession (what he did to break into the field), what he actually does on a daily basis as a Senior Financial Analyst, and get a tour of his life after college.


Shaun is a research associate at a healthcare company in the San Francisco Bay Area. On a daily basis, he does research on people with kidney disease and spends time on site checking in with patients at the clinic. Shaun mentions that his job requires a lot of detail-oriented work as healthcare calls for a lot of paperwork.


Dana is a music teacher at a school in Kailua, Hawaii. With a background in music education from Ithaca College, her passion has always been to teach music to students. And with her determinationi she has become a full-time teacher at her school in Kailua (the only full time employee).


Mike is a Consulting Analyst at a major Commercial Real Estate company in Los Angeles, California. Living with his high school friends from Hawaii - in a three-bedroom apartment - is definitely an added perk. Mike takes you on a tour of his life after college. See what it's really like for his profession, and how he lives.


Samantha is a Business Analyst at a large financial company in New York City. Her position entails investigating new ways to increase revenue and client experience for a company. And each project is different from the last. Samantha's job seems very interesting as it requires a large skill base.


Sean is a Revenue Manager at a major hotel chain in Maui, Hawaii. As a revenue manager, Sean is in charge of pricing hotel room rates based off of demand forecasts, online bookings, packaged deals, and social media.


Emily is an Account Manager at a Media Advertising company in New York City. NYC is the home of leading advertising firms across the globe. It is interesting how Emily writes that communication and time management play a large role in her position. In addition, get an apartment tour of Emily's New York City home.


Ryen is an Internet Marketer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work does not consist of the normal nine-to-five job. Because he works from home, he creates his own hours and works 7 days a week. However, he does splurge on his apartment, as you can see from his photos, because he spends all his time there.