Life After College:

See what Life After College is like! These are real college graduates who share their lifestyles with you. Learn all about their job and about the area they live. Get a tour of their apartment and see their agenda.

Genki is a Systems Engineer and works on providing actionable data analysis to the US Government for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Learn how his Engineering background and studies landed him this prestigious position, and how he applies what he learned to his every-day job.


Jeremy is a Social Media Manager for a popular men's website in New York City. Jeremy has a background in entertainment writing and applies his practice to managing his company's social platforms, posts, and responses. Learn how Jeremy acquired his job - what an inspiring journey!


LeeJee is a Retail Associate Buyer at the high-end Saks 5th Avenue department store in New York City. As the Associate Buyer, LeeJee is in charge of stocking the New York City stores with products that attract her target clientele. For many, this is a dream job! See how LeeJee's background in hospitality helps her in her everyday profession.


Gretchen is a Graphic Designer, specializing in advertising, working out of a beach house in Virginia Beach, VA. Gretchen shows a great passion for her work and explains the difference from her graphic design studies in school and her actual practice. See what Gretchen's life after college is like!


James is a Biomedical Engineer in Cambridge, Massachusetts. James takes on the world with a highly analytical mindset. He explains that a lot of engineering work involves number and data crunching. This is something he believes everyone should have a good understanding about if they were to go into this field.


Chris works at Google as a sales account executive in the social media department. Learn what his daily job at Google in internet sales entails and what it's like to live in the booming Silicon Valley, the technology and start-up capital of the US. This is definitely an exciting place for a new college grad to live and do business as you will find out!


Ellie is a cook in Napa Valley, California, the food and wine capital of the United States. It is clear that she loves her job from the way she describes her daily tasks. It is inspiring to read about her life surrounded by food enthusiasts. Ellie's dream is to one day open her own restaurant and she is in the best place to do this!


Ojus works at Facebook as an online social gaming analyst. Get an inside look into working at Facebook as well as what a gaming analyst's daily job entails. Ojus moved from Boston to San Francisco for his dream job. Gain a candid look into life in SF and Tour Ojus's apartment!


Valerie is a PR account executive in New York City. She specifically works in promoting the Lifestyle and Travel divisions of her company. Some consider PR to be a very challenging profession. Take a tour of Valerie's NYC apartment and learn what working in public relations really entails.


Vincent is an entrepreneur who's passion is to make a difference in how people live their lives through design. Read about Vincent's many business ventures as an entrepreneur. He is located in San Francisco, a place characterized by many exciting startups by entrepreneurs. Vincent is definitely one to watch.


Robbie is a Consultant specializing in Hospitality at a major Real Estate company in New York City. Robbie provides a play-by-play of his entire work day to give you a good idea of what a consultant in NYC does. In addition, tour his New York City apartment to get a good idea of his life after college.


Leanna is an Elementary School Teacher in Honolulu Hawaii. She just graduated with a masters in instructional leadership. Read as Leanna takes us through a day in her life and her reasons for going into the educational field. It's obvious that she has a real passion for her work!


Makana is a project officer for a social enterprise startup in Cairo, Egypt. This position requires Makana to be in charge of almost everything from developing, finance, and strategy. Even if his pay isn't high, Makana enjoys making a difference in others' lives. What an interesting job and life!


Lauren is a public tax accounting associate at a Big 4 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lauren helps companies to prepare tax forms as well as federal provisions and compliance. See what life as a college grad in this profession entails. Lauren lives in the Bay Area, just south of San Francisco.


David is a Fracker in North Dakota. Fracking is the process of fracturing rock by a pressurized liquid. The life of a fracker may not be for everyone (long hours and consecutive work days away from home) but David shows a real passion for his profession. Plus, since his work is in oil, he makes bank!


Anthony is a Senior Media Sales Associate at an advertising firm in New York City. He is in charge of internal sales, making calls to clients. Being in sales and cold calling can be a very difficult profession. Anthony has a great attitude towards his job and takes you on a tour of his life after college.


Eileen is a Public Transportation Consultant in Honolulu, Hawaii. Eileen's job entails cartography and code regulations. Eileen moved to Hawaii and got her job by cold calling around. Learn how she did this and tour her life after college. Her determination and mindset are truly inspirational.


Kyle is an Online Travel Marketer in Maui, Hawaii. Learn how online travel marketing is changing the face of the travel industry. In addition to work, Kyle lives quite a life: he wakes up at 6:00 AM to go surfing outside his house before work and coaches soccer at night. What a life.


Shwetha is an environmental engineer at an environmental consulting company in New Jersey. She applies the skills she learned at Rensselaer in her daily job. Her job entails a mix of both field work and office work to determine environmentally sustainable practices in construction.


Casto is a Pastry Cook in a major restaurant in Washington DC, Virginia. Casto originally graduated with a food science degree but found an interest in baking pastries. Being a pastry cook is a lot of work, requiring attention to detail, and is not for everybody. It is inspiring to see how passionately Casto writes about his work.